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Audio Review: Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1) - Patricia Briggs, Holter Graham

After leaving the Mercy Thompson series temporarily behind, I feel like I've found a real treasure in the Alpha and Omega series. Cry Wolf is the first full-length story in the series, but there is a must-read prequel novella that shares how the primary characters, Anna and Charles, meet. 


Firmly straddling the line between urban fantasy and paranormal romance, Cry Wolf continues the story of how Anna and Charles become mated. Although Anna has been a werewolf for three years, she was kept in the dark as to her true Omega nature and all that it means to be a were. Anna's wolf has fully accepted that Charles's wolf is her mate; however, Anna's human half continues to be haunted by the atrocities she endured for three years under her former alpha and pack. This, coupled with Charles's lack of experience in mating and in dealing with an Omega, makes mating a difficult proposition. I throughly enjoy how Ms. Briggs uses the wolf, especially in Anna, to deal with the horrors, keeping the human safe and mentally intact. It's an interesting and effective tool that allows the characters to progress forward without minimizing their horrific pasts.


In addition to the story of their mating, Anna and Charles must help Bran, Charles's father and the alpha of all North America werewolves, find a rogue were who has attacked innocent humans near to their home in Aspen Creek, Montana. Heading out into the wilderness together gives the pair some much needed alone time to talk about all that has happened. It also affords Anna the chance to ask questions, giving the reader insight to Ms. Briggs's mythology. The riddle of the rogue and all that comes with it, is an exciting and fascinating story on its own.


Being shared through multiple character point-of-views is one of the best things about Cry Wolf. It not only gives the listener/reader a greater understanding of the overall story, but it provides a balance that one doesn't always find in UF series. I found myself completely engaged with each character even when the story wasn't being shared from his/her POV.


I also want to mention how much I enjoyed the characters of Asil-the Moor and Bran two wolves I met during the course of reading the Mercy Thompson books. Learning more about both characters long history brought a lot to the entire Mercy/A-O universe. 


I enjoyed the narration by Holter Graham much more this time around. Whether it is that his performance has improved between the novella and this book or if it is my perception, I found myself enjoying each of his character voices, even Charles, with whom I did not care for in the prequel. I find his cadence soothing and easy to enjoy.


My rating of the story: A-

My rating of the narration: A-