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Review: Beyond Galaxy's Edge by Anna Hackett

Beyond Galaxy's Edge - Anna Hackett

Captain Nissa Sander is a by-the-books Patrol Captain with Galactic Security Services. She appreciates order and abhors chaos; however, her convictions don’t prevent her strong attraction to rogue smuggler Justyn Phoenix.


Justyn Phoenix lives at Galaxy’s Edge with his two brothers and sister. Together they run a deep-space convoy with a little illegal smuggling on the side. They are cousins to the more famous treasure hunting Phoenix brothers from the previous Phoenix Adventure series titles. For three years, Justyn has admired, even fallen in love with, Nissa, thinking he is not worthy of a woman like her. Meanwhile, during those same three years, Nissa has tracked down and attempted to catch Justyn in the act of unlawful transactions, becoming obsessed. Now the pair must work together to recover one of the galaxy’s most vital and cherished historical documents, heading out into dangerous and deadly space beyond Galaxy’s Edge.


Beyond Galaxy’s Edge is a wonderful space escapade, full of exciting adventure and steamy romance. I have to admit that after reading the previous book, On a Rogue Planet, I wasn’t keen on the fact that the author opted to introduce readers to three more Phoenix brothers, plus a sister, before finishing off the first trio. However… Ms. Hackett made the right decision! Justyn and his brothers are a welcome addition to the Phoenix universe, and moving the setting to the edge of the known galaxy creates vast opportunities for exhilarating adventures.


First, Justyn. Think Han Solo. He’s a bad boy with a good heart, and he’s in love with Nissa. He’s dreamed of being with her for three years, but he wants more than a roll in the hay. He understands that his bad reputation would damage the career-driven Nissa, so he purposely keeps his interactions to light flirting and fun. He wants what is best for Nissa, and he isn’t what is best. Justyn is utterly swoon-worthy! I found Justyn to be a very worthy and sexy romantic lead.


Nissa is equality as noble, and she makes a great fit with Justyn. While he pulls out the adventure in her, Nissa allows Justyn to shine. I appreciate her internal struggles between doing what is right because it’s her job and doing what is good because it’s right. I am thankful that Nissa isn’t a woman who falls in love and decides her man is more important that her goals and ambitions. Rather, she is complex, and we discover that her upbringing and background have played a major role in what she thinks is best for her life.


But romance is only part of what makes Beyond Galaxy’s Edge such an enjoyable read. High action and adventure surrounding an impossible treasure hunt kept me reading until late in the night. The U.S. Constitution has been stolen! I have to admit that I cracked up when I discovered three of the five most important documents in the entire galaxy are from ancient Earth, and they are still intact. But just go with it. The theft sets up an amazing adventure that travels the course of four different planets, each with its own unique complications. While there are some incredibly lucky circumstances along the way, possibly a bit too coincidental, I found I was able to look past the fortunate occurrences and get wrapped up in the adventure. The situations afford our couple the opportunity to air deep secrets and hidden truths, developing their close bond and adding emotional intensity.


With all this goodness, I do have one small issue, which is truly a personal thing… Nissa is a reptilian humanoid. While I adore and appreciate the fact that Justyn finds her absolutely sexy, I have to say, the whole scales and vertical pupil thing, along with wider mouth, gave me the creeps a bit. I kept imagining a snake woman, and unfortunately, it wasn’t sexy.


Overall, Beyond Galaxy’s Edge is extremely fun and an enjoyable romance. The quintessential sci-fi adventure is exciting and action-filled. I adored Justyn and Nissa’s passion, and found the author creates a just the right balance between plot and romance. The treasure hunt is well thought-out, even with a couple of convenient plot twists. One need not have read the earlier Phoenix Adventure books, because Beyond Galaxy’s Edge focuses on a new set of Phoenix brothers, although the original set makes an appearance. I highly recommend Beyond Galaxy’s Edge, and look forward to more adventures!


My Rating: A-

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