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Review: Hunted by Darkness by Katie Reus

Hunted by Darkness (Darkness Series Book 4) - Katie Reus

Bo, a half-demon who owns a supernatural bar, knows Nyx is his mate, but is worried his demon side will scare her away. In the last book, we discovered that Nyx is a demigod; her mom is goddess of Chaos and her father a fae prince. Her fae father has promised her in marriage to another, and because Nyx sought help from her mother to save a friend, her mom has come to collect the favor Nyx owes her. Now the pair will need to work together if they have a chance of surviving the fallout of Chaos’s “favor.”


Hunted by Darkness is a typical paranormal romance, complete with alpha males, powerful females, and misunderstandings that cause problems for the fated couple. Love comes swiftly, but only after significant obstacles; however, our couple ends up happy and well-sexed. I enjoyed reading Bo and Nyx’s story, especially after watching the pair dance around their desires for a while now. They make a good couple, and I was pleased that Bo made an effort to both beat his alpha-chest, as well as swallow his protective streak to allow Nyx to conquer her own battles. It really is a great mix of the two sides. 


And while there were times I thought I would want to pull out my hair because of misunderstandings or lack of communication, Ms. Reus was quick to end confusion and didn’t allow problems to stay for long. However, at times the situations felt gimmicky, as if there were obstacles that really didn’t need to be there in the first place. I did liked that while Nyx was quick to react, she took time to later think things through. She is very understanding, which allows Bo to make a few mistakes along the way.


The overall story was good, but not spectacular. A large part of the book was trying to figure out who trapped Bo and Nyx in a hell realm, but the way the story played out and the ultimate conclusion fell flat for me. The action scenes are intense and well-developed, but short. And it was a bit too convenient that each time Nyx’s powers got out of control and destroyed something, Bo could use his power to fix it.


In the end, Hunted by Darkness was an enjoyable paranormal romance. I liked Bo and Nyx, both having strong traits, yet willing to listen and learn from the other. I had troubles really immersing myself into the story, but found the overall book entertaining.


My Rating: C+ Liked It, but I had a few issues


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