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Review: THE SIGHT by Chloe Neill

The Sight - Chloe Neill

In the second book of her Devil’s Isle series, Ms. Neill expands upon her exciting world filled with Paranormals, humans, and Sensitives (humans with magic abilities). The Sight picks up with heroine Claire Connolly and her group of friends continuing to thrive in post-war New Orleans, in the Zone, an area ravaged by the battle between Paranormals and humans. However, a newly emerging group, the Reveillon, wants to rid the world of all things magical, as well as the humans who support the capturing and jailing of Paranormals at Devil’s Isle. The Reveillon’s leader will stop at nothing to purge “traitors,” to include Claire and Liam, from New Orleans. 


While The Veil established and shaped the parameters of Claire’s world, The Sight fills in the details with vivid characters and engaging friendships. Not having to worry about constructing the rules of this world, Ms. Neill allows her characters to come into their own and fill the pages with color and emotion. I've become invested in this world which is both utterly fascinating and yet so completely frustrating. Frustrating, you ask?! YES… because I want more, and I want it now. While in both of the first two books, battles are fought and won, there is a larger war and a much bigger picture with several open-ends waiting to be shared. What will happen to Claire and other Sensitives? Will the Veil reopen and the looming war to take over the Earth begin again? Will Devil's Isle change? Is Claire's mom alive? Is there a Claire and Liam? These are all questions that came out in the first book, and while The Sight tackles some, there is still much more.


Claire is a fascinating, first-person narrator, and I have grown to really enjoy her voice. While I had some issues with Claire coming off overly young and innocent in the first book, this time around, we see her inner desire to make the world a better place and to fight for justice. Although Claire must hide the fact that she’s a Sensitive, she’s unwilling to leave her store to run and hide. I loved that she started go after what she wants, to include Liam. 


Rounding out this exciting story and Claire’s strong personality, are the wonderful friendships and relationships developing on the pages. Whether well-established or newer links that are being formed, the camaraderie and trust feels genuine and adds depth to the tale. I love seeing how Claire’s relationships help her realize more about her herself and confront dormant issues that may have been holding her back.


In the end, I found The Sight to be an engaging, entertaining tale. It’s a wonderful action-packed chapter framed within a much bigger picture, and the book did what it needed to: grabbed me, took me for a ride, and left me wanting for more. I cannot wait to find out what happens next for Claire Connolly.


My Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot

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