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Black Howl - Christina Henry My Rating:5 stars: Personal favorite - a must read (A+)
Full Review found: http://www.twimom227.com/2012/03/review-black-howl.html

Black Howl is the third book in what is coming to be one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series. Madeline Black is an agent of Death - she helps usher the souls of recently departed people (and other supernatural beings) to “the Door.” In the previous two books, we’ve discovered that Madeline is also the daughter of Fallen Angel Azazel and the great (great...) granddaughter of Lucifer.

Book three opens with Maddy doing her duties, when she notices a peculiar-acting errant soul/ghost. She learns from her friend and boss, JB, that this has been happening fairly frequently. In addition, she finds out that her friend and leader of the local werewolf pack, Wade, has been abducted, along with several cubs. Add this to her already crazy life and things get explosive (literally)! Maddy, along with side-kick gargoyle: Beezle, ex-body guard-turned-thrall: Gabriel, second-in-command of wolf pack, Jude, newly found “brother”: Samiel, and JB are out to figure out who is behind the sinister plots. What they discover, however, threatens to change the world for all human and supernatural kind.

This book was fabulous! First I want to mention the plot/s. WOW! Although it can be a bit tough to remember who’s who with all of the Fallens, Fae, wolves and other creatures, the twists and turns in this book make for one heck of a ride. I seriously could not put down the book. It is intense, action-packed, and had me on my toes - never knowing what would happen next. The storyline is well developed, and the twists never felt contrived. I loved it! Some of the developments just blew me away as pieces of the plot were unveiled at the perfect pace.

Next... characters. This book has them. We’ve meet and gotten to know the gang over the course of the first two books, but it is in Black Howl that each comes into his/her own. Both the primary and secondary characters are equally important in this story.

The growing relationship between Gabriel and Maddy is sweet. Their star-crossed love is perfect for an Urban Fantasy story. It doesn’t dominate the story, but it is important. To see them have the opportunity to express their true feelings was wonderful... Since only get Maddy's POV, to hear Gabriel's words were touching. 

There are a couple of key climatic battles near the end of the story. One was short, but dramatic and changed the entire direction of the story. The moments following this key part of the book were very touching and had me in tears. JB and Jude’s characters were both superbly written and made this story a step above the rest. 

Overall, Black Howl is amazing. The story is riveting, complex and rich with details, humor and action. The twists and turns are complex but not overwhelming. The plot is emotionally satisfying.  Maddy has grown up--she learned to take charge and make the tough decisions. Her growing friendships with Samiel, Jude and JB -even with grand-daddy, Lucifier are fantastic. I cannot wait for the next book!