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Blade Song - J.C. Daniels My Rating: 4 stars: Enjoyed - strongly recommend (A-)
Full Review: http://www.twimom227.com/2012/07/review-blade-song-by-jc-daniels.html

In a world where shifters, witches, and vampires exist in the open with humans, Kit Colbana fits somewhere in between. She is half-human and half-aneira (think magical Amazon warrior). She was disowned and abused by her family, and after running, has settled down and works as an investigator, helping the paranormals and humans in the Orlando area. Her weakness: children. Knowing this, cat-shifter Damon seeks out Kit's services to help locate the Alpha Cat's missing nephew. Kit knows its not an ideal situation, but takes the job anyhow. Soon she discovers she's gotten way more than she bargained for, including a 24/7 bodyguard in Damon.

Kit and Damon have an intense relationship. They do not get along at all. At one point Damon slams Kit into the hood of a car, face down, arm over her neck. She is damaged to the point that she can’t eat. He only gets more angry with Kit, until he finally realizes the extent he hurt her, and she's not as tough as he thinks. The two cannot get along, yet they seem to need each other.

On top of all of the drama from the Alpha cat and the trouble Kit continues to find herself in, there is Jude. Jude is a vampire, and in the beginning I couldn’t determine if he is friend or foe. Jude apparently saved Kit from a big mess a few years prior to this story, and has been semi-stalking her since. He can break into her dreams, and does so without invitation. When he finds out that Kit is working for the Alpha cat, he worries for Kit’s life, and presses Kit to allow him to taste her blood so he will be able to help her in a time of need.

The book seemed to be shaping up as a potential love triangle, and for a while, I didn’t know where the story was headed (with respect to a love interest), or if there would be any at all. I am not a fan of love triangles (and this isn’t one), but the potential was an interesting draw for me. Ms. Daniels writes an engrossing story with regards to these two men in Kit’s life.

As the book progressed, I was absolutely hooked. The unfolding mystery of what happened to Doyle and several other paranormal youth was completely gripping. I enjoyed watching Kit piece together the puzzle until she figured out the big picture. In addition, as Kit’s relationship with Damon and the Green Road Witches develops, we witness a stronger, more powerful Kit. There were some things that happened involving Damon that I’m not sold on (leaving spoiler-free), and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the next book, Night Blade.

In the end, Blade Song grabbed me and didn't let go. Although I had slow start, after about the 33% mark I was hooked. Suddenly Kit didn't seem so reckless, and I needed to know that she could solve the case and survive. In addition, the suspense over what happened to the kids and the building tension with Damon and Jude were completely engaging. In the end I found myself desperate for the next book.