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I generally review romance, paranormal and urban fantasy. I tend to pick review books that I want to read, so generally my reviews will be positive. I always give my honest opinion: good, bad, and indifferent. 


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TW: Reading this book was like watching a Train Wreck
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Geist - Philippa Ballantine Welcome to Arykham, where the presence of ghosts and spirits (geists) are unfortunately commonplace. But thankfully, the geists conform to a set of known parameters, and the Order protects the citizens from ultimate danger. The setting of the book, Arykaham, is historical in nature - no electricity, and horses, ships and dirigibles are the modes of transportation, etc. The society is run by an Emperor, with the Order acting as a quasi-religious group that protects the world from the geists.

Ms. Ballantine has created an elaborate world that is rich in details with its own unique mythology. And due to this, the book is not a quick and easy read. Between the lexicon of the Order, the intricate mythology (world) and the complex storyline full of twists and turns, it can be formidable at times. The first part of the book - the “getting to know you” phase - was tough, but soon I got into the “honeymoon” phase, and the story was so interesting and I enjoyed it immensely. My only request: a list of characters/titles/positions and glossary (with the runes listed) in any future books.

Although the book is full of exciting action and amazing adventure, the trio created of Sorcha, Merrick and Raed is fascinating and the true heart of the story. Ms. Ballantine does an amazing job with the character development. The trio each sees things in a unique way, bringing a full spectrum of views in each situation. I enjoyed the give and take that makes this relationship work.

My Rating: 4 stars: Really enjoyed - strongly recommend (A-)

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