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I generally review romance, paranormal and urban fantasy. I tend to pick review books that I want to read, so generally my reviews will be positive. I always give my honest opinion: good, bad, and indifferent. 


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C    Finished It -- Liked some, didn't like some (3 stars)
C-   Finished It -- Liked a little, didn't like a lot (2 or 2.5 stars)
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E    Don’t Waste Your Time (1 star)
TW: Reading this book was like watching a Train Wreck
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updated July 9, 2015

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Cruel Enchantment - Anya Bast Welcome to an alternate Earth where humans have learned all about the magical fae races. Back several centuries ago, humans, with the help of the magical Phaendir, imprisoned the fae, forcing them within a land known as Piefferburg City. Emily is a pious, fae-hating human that works for the Phaendir, and she is about to enter Piefferburg for the “greater human good.” BUT in reality, Emily is Emmaline, a free fae living outside the prison walls of Piefferburg. She is working undercover as a human for the HFF to free all fae-kind.

Reading this book is like shedding off layers of an onion - each reveal gets one closer to the heart of the story. What really happened that night when Aileen was murdered? Will Aeric ever trust Emmaline? As Aeric begins to accept that maybe Emmaline isn’t the monster he believes (and that maybe his beloved Aileen wasn’t as wonderful as he remembers), truths are uncovered and it makes for an emotionally gripping tale.
Outside of our primary love story, there is the overall story arc that is just as thrilling -- the fae are working to collect pieces to a “magical puzzle” that will allow them to break down the barriers that confine them. There are story lines from both the HFF, including Emmaline’s life outside of the fae prison, and the inner-workings of the Phaendir, with the political maneuvering of evil Brother Gideon. I couldn’t put the book down at times because the action was intense and the story lines suspenseful.

Although this is the second book from the Dark Magick series (and third story if you include the novella included in the anthology Hot for the Holidays), this book can be read as a stand alone. Ms. Bast does a wonderful job “bringing the reader up to speed” with the mythology of her fantastic world. (However, I loved the first two stories and definitely recommend you read them!)

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