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TW: Reading this book was like watching a Train Wreck
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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick - Sherrilyn Kenyon Nick is your “typical” 14-year old boy... trying to fit in, hoping the girls will like him, etc. Little does Nick know that his city (New Orleans) is full of paranormal activity and his classmates range from human to shifter to demon (and some other things we don’t know about). Oh, and not to mention that Nick is destined to be the destroyer of humanity and evil incarnate. Sounds like a lot, but surprisingly, this tale is light-hearted, witty and full of action. It highlights the best of Kenyon’s Dark Hunter (DH) world and expands on the already amazing series. Nick is a good kid, and it will be interesting to watch him struggle with right and wrong as he comes into his powers and gets closer to the betrayals that set him on the path of destruction.

For readers of DH, the Chronicles of Nick must be thought of as part of the DH series, and if you planned on skipping it - don’t. This series will have major repercussions on the DH series. While it is a critical path for DH fans, I feel this story will be equality if not more enjoyed by first time series readers. One problem I found while reading was that I was constantly trying to recall all the events from the DH series and figure out if each part of Infinity matched what I had read in the other books. This gave me a headache after a while!

The book makes for an excellent YA read without dumbing down Kenyon’s normal humor and story lines. Nick is a lovable character and I think newcomers and veteran DH readers alike will enjoy getting to know him in Infinity.

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My Rating: #4 stars.