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I generally review romance, paranormal and urban fantasy. I tend to pick review books that I want to read, so generally my reviews will be positive. I always give my honest opinion: good, bad, and indifferent. 


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TW: Reading this book was like watching a Train Wreck
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A Kiss For a Cure

A Kiss for a Cure - Sidney Bristol My Rating:4 stars: Enjoyed - strongly recommend (A-)
Originally Posted at That's What I'm Talking About

Living alone on a space research center, Jordan didn’t plan to do much for the Christmas holidays. In addition, as the illegitimate daughter of two powerful parents (who were forbidden to marry) from neighboring kingdoms, Jordan is used to being alone. So when Jordan discovers that the package from her parents contains a male - a husband none the less, she doesn’t know how to respond.

Cai is from a race of people that requires emotional feedback and physical intimacy in order to survive. Agreeing to marry Jordan seemed like an ideal opportunity to Cai, and he can’t understand why Jordan finds the situation so appalling. Now he’s stuck between wanting Jordan and wanting to give her the freedom she desires.

I completely adored A Kiss for a Cure. The opening sequences as Jordan watched her “present” open to reveal a man were priceless. The humor was subtle but stellar. Lines like “Sane people did not receive men in boxes for Christmas from their parents,” made me smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

I am a science-nerd at heart, and sci-fi is my first love. I totally geeked out over the wonderful play-by-play as Jordan attempted to scientifically break down Cai and his race's need for physical and emotional feedback. Her responses as a scientist and her need to find a “cure” were perfectly played. The premise behind the story and Cai’s “condition” was well thought out and presented to the reader in an effective and entertaining manner.

The story is full of wonderful descriptive scenes such as the pair’s trip to the space reef (yes, there are sharks in space!). In addition, it is light-hearted scenes such as the reef excursion that allow the couple to develop their friendship. Not only is it fun to read, but the tender moments permit for an emotional connection between the reader and the characters.

Because Jordan has had a strained relationship with her parents most of her life, the conversation she has with her mother about Cai is especially touching. Ms. Bristol finds an effective way to convey important facts needed to further the story and blends it with an emotional punch that drew me even further into her world.

Overall, A Kiss for a Cure is a wonderful little story. The characters are well developed in the confines of a novella. The plot is expertly crafted with an enjoyable blend of humor, romance, science and action. The scientific premise behind the story was well planned and not hokey in the least. I adored Jordan and Cai right from the get go, and the ending was ideal for this couple. I hope that Ms. Bristol makes a return trip to The Fuller Center soon.