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Review: Falling Light

Falling Light - Thea Harrison

My Rating: B Liked It -- Recommend
Originally posted at That's What I'm Talking About
Review copy provided by publisher/NetGalley


Falling Light is the follow up tale to Rising Darkness and the concluding story of the 2-book Game of Shadows series. Although I was confused and a bit bored with the first book, it effectively maps out the world and rules, which are crucial for understanding and enjoying the second story. With that said, I highly recommend you read Rising Darkness prior to picking up Falling Light. Also note, this review contains spoilers from the first book.


Falling Light opens immediately after the closing of the first book when our hero and heroine survived a battle against the Deceiver and his minions. The author does an excellent job recapping the important highlights from the first book... There is Michael and Mary: two soulmate aliens who gave up their former lives to send their souls to Earth to help capture the evil being known as the Deceiver. The aliens’ souls are continually reborn on Earth, but their bodies are subject to the human frailty and life cycles. Their leader, and only other remaining alien, is Astra. She has not subjected her body to rebirth in a long time (if ever), and therefore, she retains the most memories and knowledge of their original lives. Now that Mary and Michael have reunited, their goal is to find Astra, and once reunited, bring down the Deceiver once and for all.


This book is unlike the urban fantasy/science fiction stories that I typically enjoy. While there is quite a bit of conflict and some low-key romance, the story’s focus is more philosophical in nature rather than being driven by intense action. At times the story moves slowly and is filled with long moments of self-reflection or in-depth discussions. While that bothered me in the first book, this time around I was actually drawn in by the conversations and dialogue. Because the world was previously established in the first book, I am able to just sit back and take it all in this time around.


One of the reoccurring discussions I most enjoyed revolves around the concept of preservation of the individual versus collateral damage for the greater good. I found that the arguments for both sides were well-written and fit smartly within the framework of the story. I never felt like I was being preached at or told to believe a certain way.


I like Mary and Michael together. They aren't the most passionate pair, but I enjoyed learning how their many lives and experiences have deepened their love for one another. I like that they have to work to push past the trivial, and even more serious personality differences, to connect on a deeper, more meaningful level. And I appreciate their humanism.


I also enjoyed their interactions with Astra and friend Nicolas Crow. With Astra, the pair are guarded, yet hopeful. They have serious disagreements with Astra, which made for some tense moments; however, Astra also brings a warmth to these young souls. One aspect that I found interesting in her character is that the author allowed Astra room for personal growth, even in someone so old and tarnished from her years of battle. Meanwhile, Nicolas started to come into his own, and I would LOVE for a spinoff story letting us know what becomes of his spirit.


Overall, I enjoyed Falling Light, in spite of OR maybe because of the rocky start I had with the first book. It is a good story. The final battle is simple, yet thorough and balanced, bringing closure to this short series. I appreciated that all of the key players who needed to be there made an appearance. I am glad I gave this book and series a read!